Printed Carton Box

 Printed Carton box which is normally refers to inner box to packing single or group products. It also refers as Duplex Carton Boxes.

 Duplex Boards are of 2 types

      Grey Back Board (Backside of the Board will be Grey in color)

      White Back Board (Backside of the Board will be White in color)

 There are specialty boards available in market. They are
            • Cyber XLpac board

            • Safire Graphik

            • Carte Lumina

            • Poly coated Indobar (Food Grade material where the products will directly touch board like bulk ice cream box )

 Above specialty boards are used for good strength and good printing results in Pharma, Consumer Electronics , Food industries etc…

 After printing, depends on the requirement, stickers will be finished with PVC, BOPP (Shiny), MATT lamination and UV.

 If label requires Spot UV, then MATT lamination needs to be done.

 Hot stamp Gold foiling, Emboss can be done to attract more attractions.

 Silver Film can be pasted over these boards and make some printing treatment like base coat , then special offset printing with UV will give attraction to packing materials

 We are supplying industry specific carton boxes for

      Masala Products

      Tamarind Packing

      Soap packing

      Fireworks Top

Disclaimer: In laminated surface, writing will not be easy. Special marker ink or batch code machine will be needed for mentioning variable information in the labels.