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Printed Label is nothing but piece of paper / plastic film which is printed and attached to the product or container. Labels can be printed in Tear able and Non-Tear able synthetic papers. We are supplying labels in paper based which is Tear able. Please refer the list of tear able papers.

Sticker Printing

Plain printed labels will not have gum in the backside. While pasting on the container, gum needs to be applied in the back side of the label and paste in the container of the product.

Strip Gum Printed Labels will have gum in both the end of the label. There will be releasing sheet which will cover the gum. While pasting in the container, releasing sheets need to be removed and label need to be pasted in the container. Mostly for PVC round type bottle container this Strip Gum Printed Labels will be used. Die cut can be done on the strip gum printed label but that is to certain limit only.

Plain Printed Labels will be used to just keep the label as it is without any pasting on the container. Depends on the requirement, die cut or die punching can be done.

  • We are supplying labels in 3 different types of papers
  1. Real Art Paper (Double side shinning)
  2. Cremo (Single Side shinning)
  3. Maplitho (Best for writing and paper)
  • After printing, depends on the requirement, labels will be finished with BOPP (Shiny), MATT or UV lamination.
  • If label requires Spot UV, then MATT lamination needs to be done.
  • Hot stamp foiling can be done to attract more attractions towards your products.
  • Printed Labels will be used mainly in edible oil (cold press) , beverages industry.

Major Clients:

  • Icecream Labels
  • Oil bottle Labels
  • Beverage bottle Labels
  • Fast food bottle labels
  • Food Product Labels
  • Bakery Item Labels
  • Supplement Food Labels
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Labels
  • Drink Labels
  • Cosmetic Product Labels

Disclaimer: In laminated surface, writing will not be easy. Special marker ink or batch code machine will be needed for mentioning variable information like MRP, Packing Date, Batch code in the labels.

We 3A ENTERPRISES, will make your packaging and labeling up to the market standards in above of the 3 criteria. For best stickers and boxes, print with 3A ENTERPRISES. Call us 94442 07756 or email us