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Why Packaging and Labelling Important?


Your labelling is the first thing that your consumer feels before your products. It portrays the quality of the products to your consumer. It creates the first impression on your products before products are purchased. Whether it’s a label or a box (or both), you have the ability to create emotion, connection with your consumer through what you place on your packaging. The style of your container or box also helps you communicate the contents of your product.


Packaging protects your product. Multiple layers of packaging also decrease the ability to tamper the product. So that your products will reach your consumer with the quality when its went out of your factory. Quality of the products will be maintained. Type of box depends on the strength of the box needed to accommodate the heaviness of the products and safety in logistics.

Legal Requirements

As pet legal complaints, need to maintain the label guidelines. Spending money, time and energy in designing in your packaging and labelling increases your business by increasing it’s value. You are telling your consumer that you believe enough in your product and brand that you are willing to put forth the extra effort to package your product with consideration and care.

We 3A ENTERPRISES, will make your packaging and labeling up to the market standards in above of the 3 criteria.